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Seminars and lectures in winter term 2015/16

Seminar: “The Unity and Plurality of Cognitive Science“

Prof. Dr. Stephan Sellmaier, Joachim Lipski

Date and time by arrangement

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The past century has seen a proliferation of methods attempting to explain the mind. Theoretical paradigms such as mechanistic explanation promise to unify cognitive science and to view its methods as converging on common objects. But in the face of methodological pluralism, the limited generalizability of experimental studies, and a widespread interest in investigating specialized cognitive capacities or psychological effects, can such paradigms do justice to the sprawling plurality of cognitive science? In this seminar we are going to review and discuss the dominant forms of explanation in cognitive science as well as the ongoing controversy about their unity or diversity.

Seminar: "Neuroethics"

Prof. Dr. Stephan Sellmaier

Thursday 14:15 - 15:45

LMU, Main Building, M210

Dem Seminar liegt das Buch vom Martha Farah "Neuroethics" (Cambridge, 2010) zugrunde. Wir werden in dem Seminar so vielfältige Themen wie "Brain Enhancement", "Brains and Persons", "Authenticity", "Neuroscience and Justice" und "Brain Reading" intensiv diskutieren und dafür auch aktuelle Entwicklungen der Neurowissenschaften berücksichtigen. Die Bereitschaft englische Texte zu lesen wird vorausgesetzt. Ansonsten ist das Seminar für Anfänger geeignet.