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Benedetta Romano

Dr. Benedetta Romano


Schellingstraße 10
80799 München

Postal address
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
Postfach 72
80539 München

Room: 308
Phone: +491625286033

About me

I joined the GSN (Graduate School of Systemic Neuroscience) as a PhD candidate on October 2015, after obtaining a Bachelor in Philosophy from the Catholic University of Milan, a Master in Cognitive Sciences from the University of Amsterdam, and after an editorial internship at Frontiers, in the Neuroscience journal team.
My project is mainly concerned with topics in the Philosophy of Emotions. I am particularly interested in the epistemic function of emotions, especially in relation to political issues. I am also interested in the intersection between emotions, literature and Psychology of Reasoning. Specifically, I work on the capacity of emotions to establish a connection between narrated events, and on the function that detecting emotions performs in processing narrative analogies. Finally, I have an interest in the emotional dimension of different issues in contemporary applied ethics, such as torture, and immigration.


Romano, B. (2017) The Epistemic Value of Emotions in Politics Philosophia,

Book review: Romano, B. (2016). Feeling lonesome: The philosophy and psychology of loneliness. Philosophical Psychology 29 (7), 1-3.