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Andrés Segovia Cuéllar, MPhil

About Me

I obtained a B.Sc in Psychology from the National University of Colombia (2012) and a MPhil in Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences from the same institution (2017). Since 2018 I am a DAAD scholarship holder doing a Ph.D in the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.


I work on the study of social cognition, prosocial behavior, and human morality, from an evolutionary and developmental perspective. I am also interested in different topics of ethics and political philosophy and their relation with cognitive and behavioral sciences. My current doctoral project aims to research on the origins of morality and concerns for fairness in humans from a relational and developmental systems approach, focusing on micro-contexts of social interaction where these processes emerge. In close relation with the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (Prof. Dr. Markus Paulus) I want to explore the role that social attitudes in parents have on the development of concerns for fairness and justice in children.