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Andrés Segovia Cuéllar, MPhil

About Me

I obtained a B.Sc in Psychology (2012) and an MPhil in Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences (2017) from the National University of Colombia. Since October 2018 I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.


I work on the study of human social and moral behavior (i.e., social cognition, intergroup relations, social inequalities). My doctoral project aims to research the origins of human morality and concerns for fairness from a radical developmental perspective and also addresses the ethical implications of developmental models of human moral nature in contemporary discussions about social and moral progress. In collaboration with the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, we are also investigating whether and to what extent parents’ endorsement of hierarchical or egalitarian social relations influences the development of moral concerns for fairness in children during resource allocation tasks.

Doctoral Project

Human nature and the feasibility of inclusivist moral progress: Revisiting the social origins of human morality and concerns for fairness