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Harry Waterstone

Harry Waterstone, MA

About Me

I studied Philosophy at undergraduate level in the University of St Andrews in Scotland, and then did the sensible thing and looked for a real job. However, the pull of academia was undeniable and so after more than a decade in the wilderness I returned to the fold, and obtained my Master’s in Logic and Philosophy of Science at the MCMP (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy). While there, I also took part in a research project on reasoning in science for the CAS (Center for Advanced Studies). I wrote my Master’s thesis on the use of formal models in cognitive psychology.

Research Interests

I am currently investigating the formal characteristics of mathematical and formal models as used in cognitive psychology and other neighbouring fields including the philosophy of science and behavioural economics. My other interests include argumentation and reasoning in science, science communication and the public sphere; economics and development; AI and machine learning; game theory and decision-making under uncertainty.