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Urim Retkoceri, MSc

About me

During my undergraduate studies in biology at the LMU Munich I mostly focused on biophysics/bioimaging, human biology and anthropology. Having been interested in philosophy since way back, I shifted gears towards neurophilosophy when I pursued my Master’s degree (also in Biology at the LMU). Apart from philosophy and biology, I am also interested in psychology, education, literary arts and theology.

Main Interests

In my Master’s thesis I worked on the neurobiology and neurophilosophy of selective forgetting (i.e. erasing memories). This got me interested in the philosophy of memory and I decided to take a look at the ‘opposite’ of erasing memories: implanting false memories.
In general, this includes cases where someone tries to make you believe that something happened which (roughly put) did not really happen, or where your memory changes over time so that it does not reflect what you experienced. Currently, I am trying to sort out how to define ‘false memory’, which includes taking a look at the topic from a neuroscientific, psychological and philosophical perspective. Later on I hope to include ethical aspects (e.g. of neuroscientific ways of memory implantation) into the project as well.
Above all, I want to combine insights from all three fields and find ways to apply what you can learn in one field to another, hopefully leading to a truly interdisciplinary thesis.

Apart from my PhD project and neurophilosophy, I am interested in quite a few things. In biology I enjoy organismic biology and anthropology. In psychology I mostly find the fields of social psychology and cognitive psychology intriguing. Finally, in philosophy I have been interested in ethics, metaethics and the philosophy of religion for quite some time now.