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Sachith Cheruvatur

Sachith Cheruvatur, BSc


Schellingstraße 10
80799 München

Postal address
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
Postfach 72
80539 München

Room: 308

Philosophical education

BA in philosophy with strong concentration in psychology from NYU Abu Dhabi.
Currently taking neuroscience and philosophy classes at LMU Munich

Main interests

My main interest lies in the conversation between empirical sciences and philosophy on the topic of the mind. During my undergraduate, I took classes in philosophy of mind, cognitive neuroscience, psychology and computer science. I am extremely fascinated interdisciplinary work and draw much pleasure from watching fields come together over time and converse about common topics that each of them have dealt with separately. My interest lies in bridging these common topics to see how each field can help the other. My main areas of interest in philosophy are empirical philosophy of mind and philosophy of science. In psychology, I am most interested in research on psycholinguistics, concepts acquisition and memory. Besides the philosophy related to my thesis work, I'm also interested in the philosophy of race and gender.