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The cultural origins of human morality and concerns for fairness

PhD Project of Andrés Segovia Cuéllar

In this doctoral project, I am advancing on an alternative evolutionary and developmental explanation of the origins of human morality. This explanation offers a situated and cultural centered approach that builds upon criticisms of the traditional notions of biological inheritance and endorses the rejection of methodological individualism in behavioral sciences. I will argue that interpersonal relations and extensive cultural embeddedness are necessary factors for human morality to emerge, since the latter is dependent on the reliable establishment of social interactive ontogenetic niches and therefore on the inheritance of non-genetic ecological factors, as it is proposed in new extended approaches in biology.More precisely my project aims to research on the origins of concerns for fairness in humans from a relational and developmental systems approach, focusing on micro-contexts of social interaction where these processes emerge. As a complementary empirical endeavor, I want to explore the role that social attitudes in parents have on the development of concerns for fairness and justice in children. The final aim of this project is also to wonder about how to understand and promote moral progress in societies through the endorsement of inclusivist principles and solidarity.