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Philosophy databases and online resources

The following all contain external links to websites which may or may not collect personal data and which may or may not adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/DSGVO) in accordance with the EU.

Literature databases and collections

  • Philosophers' Index (external Link) (the reference bibliography for philosophical literature)
  • PsychInfo (external Link) (bibliographical database for psychology and related fields)
  • Web of Science (external Link) (interdisciplinary database)
  • PubMed (external Link) (database for biomedical literature)
  • PhilPapers (external Link) (very comprehensive and up to date open access bibliography)
  • David Chalmer's website (external Link) (a hub for online resources on the philosophy of mind)

Encyclopedias, introduction to neurophilosophy topics


Neuroscience sources